Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Interview with Dan D Humorous on the King and I Comedy show

A household name in Nigeria. Dan D’Humorous is one comedian who has shown that Talent can be developed and packaged to ensure success.
we had the opportunity to speak to Dan D Humorous on his upcoming show titled THE KING AND I in which he squares up with Ace Nigerian Comedian Ali Baba, happening at the Aztech Arcum, stadium road Port Harcourt on the 29th of November 2015. 
In this interview we will talk about the show, what he has contributed to the industry and other things. 
G-Influence: Welcome to This interview.

Dan D’Humorous: Thank you for having me.

G-Influence: over the years, the Dan D Humorous One man Show has always been a solo effort by you, so how did Ali baba get to be involved this time?
Dan D’Humorous: as is usual with products, you always have to up the ante at every point in time. having done the One man show twice now, we decided to step it up this time around and give our audience the premium entertainment they deserve, this fashioned in bringing no one but the King  of comedy Kings in Nigeria Ali Baba.

G-Influence: the Anticipation of THE KING AND I is at sky climax, can you help give excerpts on what the show will look like? 
Dan D’Humorous: Well Ali Baba and I will be spending a cumulative three hours together on stage, back to back. of course some comics will open for us to warm up the audience. a few surprise acts will also be there to perform. just as you put it. SKY CLIMAX
G-Influence: Port Harcourt has always served as a home base for you and your career for over a decade. what have you done to give back to the city? 
Dan D’Humorous: in my little way, when i have the opportunity to give other young colleagues a platform and medium of expression i do so. i also partner with other charity organizations were we carry out several charity projects particularly in the rural communities. there is still more to be done as time goes on. 
G-Influence: which other artists are we looking forward to see in the show? 
Dan D’Humorous: Top Notch Musical Acts will be there to spice up the shpow. we will get to know them pretty soon
G-Influence: a word for your fans and people that will come out to grace THE KING AND I comedy event   
Dan D’Humorous: My people My People (Laughs...) The KING AND I is more than a comedy show, it is an epic meeting of two great minds. this is premium entertainment and i would rally ask you not to miss it as we are set to give you a show you will remember for a long time.