Friday, 5 July 2013

Exclusive Interview with foremost radio host and rapper SPACEMAN

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is not complete without the contributions of SPACEMAN who has served in several media houses inn the country. spaceman is a foremost O.A.P, D.J and artist who is currently based in the city of Port-Harcourt.

 The name spaceman needs no introduction tho due to his popularity in the entertainment industry, after the interview will be posting his BIO so you all can check him out for yourself. 
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G-Inf: Good day sir, i will have to say that it is a big honour to have you here.going through your profile i see that you are into three aspects of media, O.A.P, D.J and artist, which one do you focus on? 

SPACEMAN: Okay for now i try to concentrate on my music because after i released my debut album titled "MARCH 26" in 2008 i realized my brand as an artist suffered a set back. anything consistent is what am concentrating on. it doesn't mean my other media skills are on sabbatical. 

G-Inf: now you have plans to drop another album; tell us about? 

SPACEMAN: yes, i have been working on my sophomore album for about a year now, i am trying to step up my sound. i have dropped two singles which many people including DJ's thinks is an absolute club banger. the feedback has been encouraging, there has been a lot of collabos with Flavour Nabania, J-Martins, Illbliss, Wizboy and there is a possible collabo with chidnma and flavour. aside featuring these talented individuals i also want to use the album as a way to express my views, ideas and aspect of music to the world. 

G-Inf: wow!! that's mind blowing; you base in Port-Harcourt, how welcoming has the industry there been to you? 

SPACEMAN: Well, PH City has been showing me love, the reception here has been great, there are lots of talented people in PH, the sound here is very heavy. contrary to what i was told when i decided to move here, i have been enjoying my self here. 

G-Inf: (Laughs) see amebo talk! what were you told about PH? 

SPACEMAN: Militancy had been an issue, the image of PH had a big question mark for those  outside it. I remember a time last year when i went to hang out with some of my friends in Ikoyi and you wouldn't believe that they still believe that PH is still the way it was in the past. the era of putting both hands up as a way of surrendering when a military personnel is on sight. the State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has done a lot of things to change that era, now we move freely and attend events even at late hours 

G-inf: yes that;s true: speaking on the government: do you think the current administration of Governor Rotimi Amaechi has done anything to improve the entertainment industry in PH? 

SPACEMAN: I believe the govt is doing something to support the artists or the entertainment industry. sometimes the way we perceive government in Nigeria is different, government will improve an industry that's formidable. a lot has to be done between the artists, working on their production and quality besides cuing up at culture and tourism office to get selected for CARNIRIV. If we channel our request properly then the sky is our limit. yes Gov. Amaechi has to do more for the entertainment industry, we in the sector have to come together to raise these things for that to be achieved. 

G-Inf: you have worked in numerous media houses in the U.S, Malaysia, South-Africa, Kenya and other states in Nigeria, how can you compare the industry here to the one's out there? 

SPACEMAN: Incomparable, we need to appreciate our stars more because they are very much appreciated outside the shores. In Nairobi, Kenya for example or S.A Mainstream Radio: hosts are celebrated like the musicians, it used to be like that here but not anymore. here in PH you wonder why the artistes don't get respected, no endorsements and walk around the streets seeing their counterparts from other states on billboards getting endorsements and celebrated. Asides Duncan Mighty and myself, i don't think any artist in PH is getting that type of recognition. I had a meeting with the new Actor's Guide of Nigeria president Ugochukwu Orikoha (Silas Momen) the other day about making our Multi-Nationals understand the needs to also endorse regional artistes and media practitioners. 

G-Inf: out of the music scene: Can you tell us about SPACEMAN, your childhood and you music influence you developed while growing up? 

SPACEMAN: Spaceman is an easy multi talent artist and radio host who currently resides in PH. As an artist i have been fortunate to work with artists and producers such as Mode9, Obiwon, ChuddyK, Flavour Nabania, Illbliss, Wizboy, J-Martins, Mekoyo, Phyno, Hansmill, etc. As a radio host i have a breakfast show on 91.7 Radio Port Harcourt. its a show that has paraded A list celebrities such as singer Asa, Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield, RnB singer Joe, Reggae icon Luciano, 2face, Faze, Sound Sultan, BankyW, Senator Magnus Abe, Wierd Mc, Chaka Demus, Pliers etc. The breakfats show is called DAYBREAK PH
Grew up in Lagos Agege precisely, am from the hood. My influence came from listening to different music at home from music at home from Reggae to juju to fuji to soul music especially during Christmas day (laughs). I also Built an empire of DJ friends, i have also recorded two albums, one i dropped in 1997 which i never released and the 2008 debut album. 

G-Inf: what can you say is your biggest achievement in your media career? 

SPACEMAN: being able to build a fan base that can go as far as representing and standing up for me. i have been through many ups and downs so i ca say the gift of being able to open my mouth and people listen and accept what i say is something i am always grateful for. it is not all about the money, you know money come and goes, but God stays. 

G-Inf: Apart from music, what else do you do? 

COMMANDO: I am Director of programs at 91.7 radio Port Harcourt. also an entertainment consultant, a single man living a comfortable life

G-Inf: Single man, will you say that as handsome and built up as you are, there is/are no women in your life? (smiles) 

COMMANDO: (laughs) one woman caught my eyes, lets just say God has been good    (laughs again) 

G-Inf: so were in PH do you call your relaxation spot? 

COMMANDO: Anywhere i feel at home, i love anywhere my friends and peeps feel comfy. 

G-Inf: can you drop a word of advice for good and upcoming artist's out there?

COMMANDO: Be original, be yourself, it is not about sky being the limit, you have to reach for it. most of all, always ask God for what you want, trust me he listens and answers but if you don't ask someone else will ask. 

G:Inf: seen: your also a spiritual man. say something to your fans out there who believes in you! 

SPACEMAN: yo! this is to all my sincere commando fans, i love you all, i will never ever disappoint you, keep supporting the SPACEMAN brand and i assure you the best is here. 

G-Inf: Thank you Mr. Spaceman for giving us this wonderful opportunity to get information from you, we at G-Influence magazine looks forward to seeing you at top's, success in your coming album and God's grace to make you bigger. 

SPACEMAN: your welcome. Shout out to all my Tombolos and Commandos yeeeeaaaaah! Thanks to G-INFLUENCE magazine for having me. 

Spaceman whose real names are Chucks Roberts is a multi-talented phenomenal radio host, rapper, singer, producer, DJ and showbiz icon.
He was a three time Future Awards ‘Best Radio OAP’ finalist. And just last year, he won the award for the Best Radio Personality in Nigeria alongside Shyne of Cool FM at the maiden edition of the Nigeria Radio Awards held in Lagos.
Known for his hardwork and crave for creativity, Spaceman aka Spaceboogie released his debut album March 26 in 2009 and the album had massive success in South East, Nigeria.
In the course of his career, he has worked for Raypower FM/AIT (Lagos), Cosmo FM (Enugu), Radio Express (USA), Cool FM (Port Harcourt) and is presently on the urban mainstream Radio Port Harcourt 91.7. Space’ is currently working on his sophomore album with the successful single Tomboy making waves across the nation with a highly anticipated video which you can watch here below