Sunday, 19 May 2013

Exclusive interview with Knowledge (Tombo music Crooner)

g inf: Pls can we know who you are?
Knowledge: I go by the name Knowledge aka the crown prince, a rap artist base in port harcourt (ph) who won the silver bird rap battle (Turb show) 2012.....
G inf: Can you tell us about your style of music?
Knowledge: Ok, i'll call it Afro Hip hop...coz its not jus Rap music...its fused with afro feel...
G inf: Were u once a hard core rapper? Its obvious you won silverbird's turb show!!!
Knowledge: Yea.. True! Am still putting out mix tapes out!! At the same time working on the commercial side of music....      .                  
G inf: So, been hearing of tombo music? First of all what brought about the concept behind it? Like were you drinking tombo or something? (laughs)
Knowledge: (laughs very loud) I must confess I wasn't even on Tombo that day, me,  saint lizzle (my producer)  and pi piego..were in the studio...then I told saint (producer) that I needed something natural you know...a fella like music...then he told me he was actually working on something...he unveiled d beat...piego came with d hook...and we made it a Hit...(TOMBO MUSIC)
G inf: seeing the response tombo music received in one day, how do you intend to manage your fans (especially the females that will be around)
Knowledge:  ummmm! They are my fanz...nothing personal...buh I will relate with dem all...communicate..give em attention... and be the cool nigga have always been..
G inf: Can you drop a little word of advice for upcoming artistes!!
Knowledge:Whatever you're doing make sure you keep it 100, anything doing is worth doing well....believe in yourself! Do what's right
G inf: Thank you very much Mr Knowledge, we at G-influence will be looking out for you. Once a gain.. Thank you
Knowledge: yh your welcome..

Knowledge aka the crown prince, a rap artist based in port harcourt (ph) who won the silver bird rap battle (Turb show) 2012, he dropped tombo music today (20th may 2013) and is alredy trending find out more follow @knowledgebaba @SaintLizzLe clicklink to download tombo music  download Tombo Music _ knowledge