Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sex points us to GOD

Most of us are introduced to sex in shameful ways. the reading of dirty books or the experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of an older person often usher us prematurely into the world of sexual knowledge. the natural result is that most of us have to overcome deep seated anxieties about sex.
        Many christians do not see sex as a gift for which to be thankful, but as a guilt ridden burden to be borne. and naturally, anything so intimately connected with guilt is difficult to view as a ladder to the holiness. 
        Yet some still see sex as that intimacy which can produce moments of sunset like glimpse of eternity. on the underside of ectasy we catch the shadow of a profound spiritual truth. sex turns us towards God. Christian spiritually serves us in at least three ways regarding sex.
1) it teaches us about the goodness of sex while reminding us that there are things more important.
2) it allows us to experience pleasure witthout making pleasure the idol of our existence
3) it teaches that sex can certainly season our lives but also reminds us that sex will never fully nourish our souls.
It might sound shocking, but it is true: God does not avert his eyes when a married couple goes to bed. it stands to reason, then that we should not turn our eyes from God when we share intimate memories with our spouses. if we understand how the ancient Jews viewed sex, we will then appreciate that sex points us to God. Some see sex as a MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE of meeting with gods.... (to be continued).