Sunday, 31 March 2013

If Your a Man and you have de-flowered any girl, if you hapen to marry a non-Virgin, ABEG UGA NO VEX

  TheRE is a saying  (do unto others what you want others to do to you).  Men of these days always expect good when they sow bad, i wonder how that is possible. countless times over again a man before he gets married will have sex with as many women as possible, most of the times deflowering young girls, at the end of the day that same man gets married, after having sex with his wife the first time, if she is not a virgin, then he complains and queries the fact that she wasn't deflowered by him.
         I must say that first sex is something more that the normal, every first sex is special, it is a communion of souls joining together, it is like a fellowship, the effects of first sex is real to every human being as the case maybe when ever you are around your first sex partner you tend to be moody, there is no PRIDE involved with your dealings with that person, seeing the person alone will make you think of your first sex, there are effects of first sex which directly affects women. after first sex a woman tends to go closer to a guy, after first sex a guy tends to go closer to her body, after sometime they break up their relationship, then the circle starts again, the guy meets another woman that could be a virgin again.
        a recent survey conducted in Toronto, revealed that an average man could experience de-flowering at least two women prior to the time of marriage. IN Nigeria, the case is very different, an average man can de-flower as many as (1000- yekpa, im na solomon) girls before marriage, due to the fact that first sex involves the tear of the hymen in the woman's vagina, it is always known after sex if the woman is a first timer or a regular.
       So if your among these Men DE-flowering thousands of girls, and you tend to marry a woman, and you find out that she is not a virgin.. ABEG UGA NO VEX